CD-36E Rear basket and bearing Elect. Start 1970-Up
CD-36K Rear Basket And Bearing Kick Start 1936-84
CDH-160 Hub, Fits 1936 to 84 Taper Shaft
CDH-170 Hub.Fits 1986-89 Taper Shaft
CDH-180 Hub.Fits 1990-Up Spline Shaft
CDSW-100 Step Washer (Used For Spline Hub Only)
CDCC-275 C-Clip For Hub Bearing
CDCC-137 C-Clip For Backside Of Hub
CDCC-134 C-Clip For Step Washer

FHN-1 Engine Shaft Nut For Taper Shaft
FHN-2 Engine Shaft Nut For Spline Shaft
WA-1 Washer For Taper Shaft
WA-2 Washer For Spline Shaft


CDOFS-25 25 Tooth 1" offset
front sprocket
Fits 1991-up Softail

CDCP-100 Kevlar Clutch Pack For Chain Drive, Set Of 7 Plates

CDDP-100 Steel Drive For Chain Drive, Set Of 8 Plates

CDPP-100 Chain Drive Pressure Plate
CDSB-100 Chain Drive Shoulder Bolts, Set Of 9
CDCS-100 Chain Drive Clutch Springs, Set Of 9
CDAS-100 Clutch Adjustment Screw With Jam Nut
CDHN-100 Mainshaft Hub Nut

SG-2 Replacement Starter Ring Only for 1965-up
SG-2PG Starter Ring & Pinion Gear For 1994-Up