A. 45EV Front pulley, Softail
A. 45EVSH Front pulley, Shovelhead
A. 48EVB Front Pulley, FXR & 5 spd Shovel
B. EIBG-1 Inside Belt Guide for 45EV only
C. EOBG-1 Outside Belt Guide for 45EV only
D. FHN-2 Flat hex nut for spline engine shaft
E. WA-2 Flat washer for spline engine shaft

Above items used with all 3" open & closed drives
A. EPP-100 Pressure Plate
B. CDAS-100 Clutch Adjusting Rod For 1990-Up
C. ESB-100 Shoulder Bolts (Set of 6)
D. ECS-100 Clutch Springs (Set of 6)

Belts For EVB Belt Drives

A. BDL-138K (138 Tooth) Keviar For Softail
B. BDL-138-38K (138 Tooth) Keviar For 4 SpeedShovelhead
C. BDL-130K (130 Tooth) For FXR & 5 Speed Shovelhead

SG-2 Starter gear for all Shovelhead, Softail, FXR and Dyna to 1994. SG-2PG Starter gear with pinion gear for all 1994 up applications

A. EV-475 Rear Basket , Softail, FXR & 5 Speed Shovel
A. EV-460 Rear Basket , 4 Speed Shovel
Above baskets when ordered, include starter gear, dogs & bearing.
B. EVRD-1 Round Dogs, Softail, FXR & 5 Speed Shovel (12)
B. ESRD-1 Round Dogs, 4 Speed Shovel (12)
C. EV-180 Splined Hub, For 1990- Up 3" Open & closed drives
C. EV-170 Tapered Hub, For 1986-89
C. EV-160 Tapered Hub, For 1965-83
C. EV-190 Tapered Hub for EVO-10S & EVB-3TRB
D. CC-244 C-Clip For Hub Bearing (Installed in Basket Above)
E. EPB-100 Primary Bearing 1986-Up.
F. EPS-100 Primary Seal 1986-Up
G. CC-134 C-Clip For Step Washer
H. CC-158 C-Clip For Backside Of Hub
1. ESW-1 Step Washer For EV-180 Hub Only
J. HNS-100 Hub Nut With Seal 1990-Up Only
K. EHB-100 Basket Hub Bearing

A.ECP-100 1 Sided Kevlar Clutch Plates
B.ECP-200 2 Sided Kevlar Clutch Plates

A. EDP-200 Splined Clutch Steel
B. ERDS-100 Clutch Steels For Rounds Dog Clutch
C. EDP-100 Square Dog Clutch Steels (not pictured)